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The designer line is a custom-made jewelry, it is crafted according to the individual customer order. The special feature of self-designed jewelry is the uniqueness and uniqueness that cannot be confused thanks to the coordination between the design and the private name of the orderer.
Each customer will have their own idea of ​​the jewelry they need to own, from materials, patterns to shapes and volumes that are uniquely produced. The jeweler will rely on customers’ ideas to come up with flawless products. That is why this jewelry will have a combination of customers and creative artisans.
Custom-made naming necklace favored by many customers it is a meaningful gift for lover, parents or close friends because it carries a special mark of anniversary and this necklace. there is only one and no copy like that thanks to a combination of design, name, material and even birthstone.

Gold Name Necklace

10k Gold Classic Name Necklace


Couple Necklaces

10k Gold Heart Necklace


Gold Name Necklace

14k Gold Classic Name Necklace

The trend of engraved name necklace has appeared for a long time, but recently gained strong popularity. Not only loved by young people because of its fancy and unique designs. These silver engraved designs are also very easy to combine with outfits and are not fussy about the user’s body that can be used in many different occasions from going out, going to work, to going to a party.
Name-engraved necklace is custom-tailored jewelry, unique necklace with pendant engraved with ideas and preferences based on name, date of birth, birthstone and substance processing materials, so that each style and design are not the same.
The name custom necklace are made from silver, gold-plated, rose-gold plated to high-quality materials such as gold 18K, white gold … and are attached with diamonds if required to suit the needs of users. Every detail is skillfully crafted by the skillful designers into a more vivid, beautiful face with high aesthetics .. Young people are always interested in new things, as unique, as strange as possible. . Especially the unique, exotic and versatile items will have a strange attraction to young people. The custom name necklaces are items that young people love, both as gifts for their lovers, as well as jewelry bearing a unique, separate, and unmixed personality.