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Designed with the aesthetic of a found object, Mynameise’s Coin necklace has the feel of a family heirloom. The coin charm centers on an ever-so-dainty ball chain that effortlessly elevates your layered look. Perfect solo or layered with other chains, the Florence-inspired coin necklace trend is here to stay.

Who hasn’t been easily seduced (read: influenced) by Instagram trends? It’s so easy to hop onto new bandwagons when you spend most of your time scrolling on your feed, sharing hearts here and there, and being fed inspiration 24/7. Some are better than others, some are more budget-friendly than others, but one Instagram jewelry trend that you can easily try out is coin necklaces.

Coin Name Necklaces

Our Coin Necklace is the perfect personalized item for a gift, personalize with your own name in different font styles!

A necklace is a true finishing piece for any outfit. A personalized statement pendant adds character and interest to your outfit. Nothing shows you care more than the gift of a truly thoughtful piece of engraved jewelry.

Our jewelry can be personalized with kind messages, special dates, the names of loved ones, funny quotes, and anything else you feel could transfer onto a piece of jewelry to create a sweet and stylish personalized jewelry gift. Whether you’re a romantic at heart and want yours and your sweetheart, boyfriend, fiancee or husbands name stamped on our name necklace, or prefer having your son or daughter’s name stamped across the necklace, we are happy to provide you with a beautiful name necklace you can treasure forever.

Best Coin Name Necklaces

Engraved Mother Disc Necklace 

Two-Disc Necklace

Three-Disc Necklace