Bar Necklaces

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Engraved Bar Necklaces are another customized neckband style, and being cherished! Mynameise offers custom bar pieces of jewelry with wide material selection: White gold, Rose gold, Gold plating, Sterling Silver, 14K and 18K gold. This assortment likewise incorporates custom name bar accessories that are vertical and incorporate two or bar bars, dangling from a chain. Engraved bar accessories are the beautifully ideal present for any event. Each bar neckband is conveyed in an Mynameise blessing confine and adored in recent fashion trend.

Bar Necklaces

Bar Necklace in Silver


Engraved Bar Necklace

Mynameise is eager to dispatch the Bar Necklace assortment! Customized bar pieces of jewelry are mainstream with superstars and the pattern has spread around the nation. From the exemplary engravable real silver bar neckband to the extraordinary style of two vertical gold bar jewelry, these styles are directly on pattern. Shop our assortment of custom bar neckbands that incorporate one, a few bars which would all be able to be modified. Just pick which bar accessory is your most loved and follow the means of our online personalization to etch a name or word into the bar. Alternatives incorporate authentic silver, gold vermeil and 14k gold bar neckbands which will all be engraved today. For an increasingly explicit style with a similar look, look at the new customized family neckband to imprint a date onto that is essential to you.

Gold Bar Nameplate

Bar pieces of jewelry have been well known throughout the previous hardly any years, it’s anything but difficult to spot numerous superstars donning them. For a cutting edge take on the look shop our Custom Gold Bar Necklace. Each engraved gold bar neckband welcomes you to customize it in an assortment of ways including the well known Gold Coordinate Bar Necklace, which has the directions of an area engraved on the front. The gold nameplates are frequently given to your better half or spouse, yet in addition great as sister gems pieces. We likewise offer the exemplary Gold Name Bar Necklace, decide to have your name or perhaps your new keep going name engraved on the gold bar enchant.

Types of Bar Necklaces

We offer a huge assortment of bar neckbands, however when you are purchasing your first bar accessory it’s acceptable to comprehend what alternatives are accessible. Here are the best bar accessory styles:

Vertical Bar Necklace: Hanging vertical within on a level plane these bar pieces of jewelry make a long accessory look. At the point when you make an engraved bar neckband, the name or word is engraved with the letters on each other, so the etching is additionally vertical. Look over a solitary vertical accessory or up to three vertical bar charms all on one chain.

Organize Bar Necklace: Celebrate an area that you love by revealing to us the location. We will change over the location to an arrange and afterward imprint that particular longitude and scope on the facade of the bar.

Date Bar Necklace: Similar to a facilitate bar, this neckband welcomes you to have a date that you never need to overlook be engraved onto the front of a bar enchant.

Birthstone Bar Necklace: Have at least one birthstones modified on a bar accessory. These can be the birthstones of your children, or of two individuals in a relationship. Close to the birthstones you can include an etching for all the more significance on one bar.

Mother Bear Bar Necklace: Do you know somebody who is a definitive mom bear, giving all her time and vitality to her little ones? Commend her with this new Mama Bear bar neckband! The front has a mother hold on for child bears following her, the rear of the bear bar can engraved with a sweet message.