Arabic Jewelry

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Custom name engraved necklaces are designed based on Middle Eastern charm on our personalized Arabic customized necklaces. There are many designs of our Arabic name necklace as a meaningful gift for your lover, friends, family members or simply confirm your name! The design is meticulously engraved by hand with lovely stylized Arabic letters and made with a variety of material choices: White Gold, Rose Gold, Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold and 18K Gold … engraved necklace The name on demand will help you stand out and be cute when going out, working .. or going to a party.

Arabic Name Necklace

Our customized Arabic name necklace is a personalized product that is perfectly engraved with your personalized name, lover, Arabic relatives as a gift. Great souvenirs carry a lot of meaning on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday.
A necklace is a work of art crafted by hand will be an easy match for any outfit. On the other hand, the necklace with the Arabic name engraved on it is a personal statement and makes your outfit stand out. It will show that you care more than the gift of truly thoughtful carving jewelry.
Our Arabic name collars can be personalized with kind messages, which can be special dates and names of loved ones or funny sayings and whatever you feel like memorable. Memorable items that you can turn into a piece of jewelry to create a personalized jewelry gift and unique style. It’s so romantic that you want your name, your boyfriend, your husband’s name engraved on our name necklace, or you can engrave the names of your son or daughter or grandchildren, grandparents, your parents on the necklace as a meaningful gift we are happy to provide you with many different designs and so the necklace you can treasure forever.